Steve Young

Director, Wales

Steve has spent the last 30 years advising ambitious entrepreneurs and scale-up CEOs to accelerate the growth of their business. This could be as a Coach, a Trainer or as a Director of a regional Growth Support Programme. He has personally been instrumental in the rapid growth of two management consultancies which ultimately led to successful acquisitions. The technical and emotional lessons learnt on this journey are gold dust for “inpatient for growth” CEOs.

The Growthology Techniques he has designed and delivered have played a key role in the design of the UK’s most successful High Growth Business Support initiatives, including High Growth Business Programme (North West), GrowthAccelerator (England), Scale-Up programmes (Lancashire), Strategic Business Growth Programme (Leeds) and Accelerated Growth Programme (Wales).

Steve Young's Colleagues

Head of Mentoring

Managing Director, Business Development

Managing Director, Advice

Head of Innovation and Business Advice

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