Nikki Godley

Head of Operations

Nikki has over 20 years’ experience in public sector programme monitoring, ensuring quality of MI, performance management as well as oversight of enquiry and triage services, ISO compliance.

Nikki has been managing various aspects of the operational delivery within the Advice Operational teams since 2005 and is currently responsible for overseeing a team of 16 to deliver all aspects of frontline support of Advice services.

In recent years she has also absorbed the delivery of all Newable contracts including in the North, in addition to the monitoring and reporting of internal performance and external contract delivery, all aspects of management information, compliance with government guidelines and auditing requirements.

Nikki’s expertise lies in the delivery of government contracts and implementing efficient and productive practices within the restrictions of government policy and procedures.

Nikki Godley's Colleagues

Head of Mentoring

Managing Director, Business Development

Managing Director, Advice

Head of Innovation and Business Advice

Nikki Godley - Newable