Mobilus Labs

Mobilus Labs develops a device that pairs with an app and uses voice recognition technology to allow you to communicate with others via a range of networks.

Mobilus is a full-stack voice and data solution to enable teams of any size, to connect at any distance, from any environment.

Using the mobiWAN wearable connected to the mobiTALK voice software platform, Mobilus brings voice communications in the Industrial Sector into the digital age. With Molibus’ voice recognition interface and recordable conversations through encrypted channels, users experience an almost “slack” like experience

Founded by Jordan McRae who is also a co-director of the frontier development lab at NASA, the company was supported by a grant from Innovate UK, before securing a post seed investment from Newable. Mobilus has located itself in central London, while also forming partnerships with a number of international partners across Europe, the United States, and China. Within Mobilus two separate product have been developed, MoliWAN provides users with connectivity in the toughest of environments, and MoliTWO, a hybrid VOIP & “Walkie Talkie” field communication device.