Inductosense has developed wireless sensing technology that enables low-cost inspections of structures.

Inductosense technology can be embedded into materials and products to enable the monitoring of corrosion, erosion or defects within structures without human error reducing the time and costs associated with testing.

Inductosense designs, develops and manufactures in-house permanently installed, semi-automated internal corrosion and erosion monitoring systems for asset integrity to reduce internal corrosion and erosion in pipework and vessels. The patented, permanently installed and battery-free sensors can be deployed in volume, offering a more streamlined approach to monitoring – reducing manual intervention and saving costs, whilst integrating digitisation.

This streamlining approach helps improve four key areas: efficiency through the fast acquisition; simplified systems that reduce human error; enhanced quality as the sensors provide accurate, repeatable thickness measurements; and digitalised solutions that help minimise the personnel required on a vessel or industrial site helping reduce costs.