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Supporting our people in everything we do

Supporting our people and contributing to inclusive economic growth

We drive inclusive economic growth through our business support services whilst providing a great place to work and positively impacting the communities around us.

How our commitments are delivered

In our contribution to the Global Goal of Decent Work and Economic Growth we are supporting sustained and inclusive economic growth that drives progress and creates decent jobs. Each year, our business supports 43,000 businesses at the heart of the UK economy.

We do this through the provision of products and services in three key areas: Money, Advice and Workspace. We will expand our offer through growing existing products, developing new products and expanding our national footprint, delivering to a wider SME client base. We aim to treble our impact on economic growth through our commercial activities by 2025.

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy and our voluntary Gender Pay Gap Reporting help us to ensure that we hire the best people for any role and reward our staff in a fair and consistent way. We have introduced The Rooney Rule for recruitment, which means that we invite for interview at least one black, Asian or minority ethnic and one female candidate for every vacancy. We are working to roll this out across all parts of our business. We also work with the charity Urban Synergy to help improve and support exceptional and talented young people who are currently underachieving because of socio-economic factors. We have a number of people who regularly volunteer as online mentors to help raise the confidence and achievement of 16-18 year olds.

Our Continuing Professional Development programme helps individuals take charge of their own career development and we have a range of related programmes for specific cohorts of our workforce. One of these programmes is Fuelling Ambition at Newable, which was initially focused on supporting women in their personal and professional development and helping them to progress in their careers. We have extended this initiative to all minority groups to help them achieve their ambitions for professional growth. The second of these programmes is focused on young people because we want to support those who are at the early stages of their professional career. To that end, we have run a successful Apprenticeship Programme in partnership with WhiteHat for nearly three years, which has given young people the opportunity to develop in a fast-paced environment.

Newable is committed to encouraging a healthier and happier workplace and we have implemented an on-going Health and Wellbeing Programme to support the financial, physical and mental health and wellbeing of our staff. This includes providing a team of dedicated Mental Health Champions who can signpost the right help through our Employee Assistance Programme and a 24-hour Confidential Helpline.

We are providing free advice, guidance and assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) facing the challenges brought on and amplified by the pandemic. We are also collaborating with our private and public sector partners to develop and deliver content and tools to help SMEs survive, stabilise and grow as the economy recovers. As we face the deepest global recession in decades, Newable is also placing an even greater emphasis on access to advice, capital and business development opportunities for entrepreneurs.

We are committed to making Newable a great place to work, where our people demonstrate our values in everything they do and where their contributions are welcomed and recognised. Our annual Values Award Programme recognises individuals who go ‘above and beyond’ and who make a significant contribution to our company, our clients or our community. We aim to be rated as a Top 100 UK employer and have been recognised as being among the ‘Ones to Watch’ in the Best Companies surveys for 2018, 2019 and 2020, which demonstrates our progress against this target.

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