Backing British Businesses – The Global Growth Institute

Backing British Businesses - The Global Growth Institute

The Global Growth Institute (GGI) works with Governments, Companies and Leaders across the globe to maximise their people investments.

In 2017 GGI built a unique management training programme called ‘World Class Manager’ (WCM). World Class Manager brings together best practice from over 600 organisations to make clients truly great managers. Regardless of the number of employees in the business, WCM is a great way to develop managers in a time-efficient, cost-effective and highly practical way.

GGI had several successful programmes and despite being mostly focused on providing their services in the UK, they also started exporting to the Netherlands. This whet their appetite for international growth and contacted the Department for International Trade to explore their options.

Newable is a delivery partner for the Department for International Trade and have been providing exporting advice and support for the best part of a decade.

GGI were introduced to Mark Higgins, International Trade Adviser who immediately set about in looking for exporting opportunities for the team. Mark Higgins was instrumental in helping GGI to connect with embassies and consulates, and their respective trade advisors in Hong Kong, New York, The Hague, Chennai, Istanbul and Ulaanbaatar.

Ongoing, and critical advice, support and guidance has also been invaluable to help organise and launch events in Istanbul and Ulaanbaatar. The complexity of these events were made much less so, due to the imperative guidance of their ITA.

GGI are operating in many of these markets for the first time and the support was essential in helping their export success. GGI have now successfully secured business within the US and Mongolia together worth over £80k per year.

It is exciting to note that they are the first company in the world to have translated an entire management development programme into Mongolian.

“The support of Mark Higgins has been invaluable, which I have also talked about publicly. It’s both opened our eyes to the global opportunities and helped us to forge some lifelong business relationships which are transforming our business both commercially and strategically. I’m the son of a Caribbean immigrant who came to the UK in 60’s, now I’m running an export led business to countries around the world in partnership with the DIT. I have a happy father!” – Wayne Clarke, GGI  Managing Director