Backing British Businesses – Pathfinder


Pathfinder is a cutting edge SaaS Platform, integrating smart analytics with rich BI visuals for organisations of all sizes.

Specialising in delivering a cost effective cloud integrated Enterprise platform and web/mobile applications.

Pathfinder was looking for partners abroad and in the UK with an aim to connect with stakeholders in the UK/Innovate UK ecosystem. Although they had successful projects in North America as a subcontractor, the team wanted to grow independently in UK and Europe.
Pathfinder came in contact with our Innovation team in January, where they were assigned to one of our advisers.

Newable delivers the Innovate2Succeed (I2S) programme in London, which is fully funded by Innovate UK and helps innovative businesses enhance their innovation potential. Pathfinder were quickly enrolled onto I2S and partook in two overseas missions in order to explore innovation opportunities.

Through the insight and support provided by our innovation advisers, Pathfinder became even more aware of the broad number of use cases for their innovative solution (Agri and Food Tech, Smart Cities). They started bidding for an overseas contract and were chosen to deliver two key Digital Transformation Projects for the Tax Commission as well as the Ministry of Finance for Bermuda. The projects are focused around macroeconomic modelling especially for pandemic issues, which is particularly important in this current time.

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