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EuroSun Science

EuroSun Science is a pharmaceutical company that studies the scientific systems which shape and guide the processes of the natural world.

EuroSun Science supports scientists and researchers by providing consultation, materials and products. It has developed a powerful tool to use in the identification and characterisation of model systems for the purpose of new disease discovery.

Through their services, EuroSun Science conduct projects in the UK for universities, colleges, clinics, hospitals and R&D departments in different organisations. However, despite EuroSun Science having centres overseas, it encountered barriers in the fulfilling of international opportunities, and could not fully utilise these without a lab in the UK.

Newable is a delivery partner for Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), providing support for businesses with international ambitions. EuroSun Science was put in contact with one of our Business Advisers; Vivienne Scantlebury and with her support EuroSun Science was able to secure an Incubation space (I-HUB) at Imperial College.
As a result of securing this space, EuroSun Science was also able to increase its research projects including those completed for hospitals in Germany. Following EuroSun Science’s attendance at a Healthcare Event organised by the EEN, it was able to form a partnership with a company in Nigeria to provide advice on their natural skin/hair products.

Thanks to the advice and network Vivienne has been providing, EuroSun Science has also seen an increase in business turnover, as it can now undertake more research projects leading to 30 further jobs being created and secured.

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