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What we do

Our team unlocks growth for entrepreneurs and small businesses through integrated business advice solutions.

Key Areas of Support

We work with key partners across the UK to accelerate business growth, and contribute to the achievement of strategic social, economic and environmental objectives.

Newable is synonymous with helping businesses to thrive – we are a highly trusted delivery partner that government and businesses turn to when they need effective solutions designed to deliver measurable social and economic impact.


We work with over 20,000 businesses every year, helping them fulfil their expansion potential and tap into new local and overseas opportunities. We can support with:

Advising you on selecting the right overseas market and routes to market for your business.

Acquiring the skills and techniques to successfully access supply chain opportunities.

Exploring global R&D and innovation opportunities.

Offering access to free virtual and in-person courses and events to upskill you and your team or find new opportunities.


We help businesses find the right finance for them to achieve their growth plans. Our support includes:

Advising on accessing suitable sources of funding and finance across the UK.

Helping with grant applications and access to our own FIRM (Funding for Innovation Readiness Module) to develop your ideas.

Supporting you to develop and perfect your investment pitch.

Offering access to peer-to-peer pitch learning activities.


Our Innovation team works with SMEs who are actively involved in the development and commercialisation of new products or services. We can help with:

Developing your innovation projects, validating and helping you progress new ideas.

Overcoming challenges concerning the scaling of new products or services.

Helping you develop innovation, marketing and sales strategies to reach your growth goals.

Identifying, protecting and exploring routes for the effective exploitation of your Intellectual Property.


We can help you build resilience and grow your business through socio-economic challenges by developing and implementing effective growth strategies. We can help you with:

Simplifying and improving your business plans, introducing efficient management process to increase productivity and cost savings

Identifying levels of demand for your products or services in key markets.

Managing your finance and cash flow to aid the smooth running of your business.

Introducing flexibility in your business model to pivot plans and adopt effective continuity plans.

Net Zero

We are helping businesses across the UK improve their competitiveness by transitioning to lower-carbon sustainable business models. Reducing your environmental impact can ultimately help you reduce costs, improve your reputation, retain staff, and open up new growth opportunities. We can help you to:

Calculate your current carbon footprint.

Create a Carbon Emissions Action Plan.

Support you with implementation advice and funding support.

Use your new “greener credentials” as a springboard for growth.


92% of small business owners with a mentor say it has directly impacted the growth and survival of their business. At Newable we work with experienced mentors across the UK and encourage them to volunteer their valuable time and expertise to support the growth of ambitious SMEs at all stages of business growth.

Delivering a national mentoring offer supporting the growth of ambitions SMEs at all stages of business growth

Recruiting, training and onboarding a network of thousands of volunteer business mentors who want to share their skills and experience

Developing a business growth action plan and guiding the mentees through this plan with their mentor

Providing further support on our platform such as access to webinars, toolkits, FAQs

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Why work with us?

Our focus is all about unlocking growth

We understand that it is not about accelerating “growth at any cost” but to support what we call “good growth” and avoid the unintended negative impacts and inequalities growth can have on us in our local communities and as a nation.

For us, “good growth” looks beyond traditional economic indicators and focusses on securing a fairer and more sustainable economic recovery for all. For example, we place importance on delivering business support that provides new skills and access to better paid jobs across all our communities. We are also pioneering advice and support that helps businesses reduce their carbon emissions and then use this as a springboard to boost their levels of competitiveness. At Newable, improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning without being “good growth”.

Access to a network of over 60 experienced business advisers

Working with Newable, you will have access to a network of over 60 highly experienced business advisers with expertise in all areas of business growth. Newable has been supporting UK businesses for over 40 years, meaning they have experience from numerous socio-economic challenges, a huge network of contacts and are perfectly positioned to continue supporting businesses.

As part of the Newable group, our team also have access to a unique platform of 5 star business services, from a finance brokerage with unrivalled market access, to a network of competitively priced office spaces, so we can connect you to the right teams should you require these services.

We deliver over 250 events each year, helping SMEs learn new skills to accelerate growth.

Our award nominated Newable Events Team organise over 250 events a year to help ambitious business owners learn new skills, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, access sales, partnerships and development opportunities in the UK and international markets.

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